We specialise in LH-Jetronic Fuel Injection Repair


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ACM Elektronik

We specialise in LH-Jetronic Fuel Injection Repair

ACM Elektronik rebuilds Electronic Control Units (ECUs) for fuel injection, spark control and other automotive functions.  We specialise in the repair of LH-Jetronic fuel injection modules used in Porsche 928s, Volvos, Saab and other European automobiles.  Please contact us regarding the repair of modules for other automobiles. 

 The most common cause of LH-Jetronic ECU failure is the hybrid control circuit.  Our hybrid circuit replacement provides substantially improved characteristics such as lower power consumption and most importantly incorporates fail-safe functions that makes it practically impossible for the complete failure of the replacement circuit, and thus reduces this failure mode of the of the ECU.

 Our rebuild technique involves connecting the ECU to our proprietary diagnostic test stations that provides all sensor and actuator signals as if the ECU was connected directly to the vehicle.  Our custom testing system enables our technicians to simulate driving and environmental conditions to ensure that multiple modes of operation are tested.  As part of our rebuild process, where necessary, other elements of the controller are brought up to date with the newest state-of-the-art components

 Common symptoms of a failing LH injection module

- Fuel injection valves click when the ignition turned is on and engine is not running (Only with Porsche)

- Engine will not run at idle

- Air-fuel mixture is too rich (this may damage catalytic convirters)

- No fuel pump operation, but the fuel pump operates when its relay is jumpered

- The engine will not rev higher than 3000 RPM

- A/T cars: no idle speed regulation when switching between drive gears and neutral or park

- Engine will not start, spark plugs are dry and the ignition system produces spark.


ACM Elektronik is not affiliated with Porsche AG, Saab, Volvo, or Robert Bosch GmbH.  All brands and marks are property of their respective owners.

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